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What you can do with capitec app

What can I do on it?


  • Do payments (people or accounts)
  • Buy airtime, data and SMS bundles (for yourself or a friend)
  • Buy electricity (for yourself or a friend)
  • View your last electricity tokens purchased
  • Add beneficiaries (your own, Capitec-registered or credit card)
  • View, sort, update and delete beneficiaries
  • Add recurring (stop orders) and future-dated payments
  • View transaction or beneficiary payment history
  • Do credit facility transfers
  • NEW: Stop and/or dispute debit orders
  • NEW: Email electronically stamped statements
  • NEW: Buy airtime in custom amounts
  • NEW: Pay a Capitec Bank client using their verified cellphone number
  • NEW: Pay DStv accounts
  • NEW: Send cash to family and friends


  • View your available account balances
  • View account details
  • View transaction details
  • View or email your transaction history (money in and money out)
  • Transfer money between your savings accounts
  • Add recurring (stop orders) and future-dated transfers
  • Send your account details by email or SMS
  • NEW: Fix your savings accounts
  • NEW: Create flexible savings accounts
  • NEW: Rename flexible savings accounts


  • View credit plan balances
  • View credit plan details
  • Do credit facility transfers
  • View your credit rating and ways to improve it
  • NEW: Make a payment into your credit account


  • Stop lost or stolen cards immediately
  • Update your daily card limits


  • Step-by-step guide to create your budget
  • Track your spending on the go and take control of your money


View your profile using the menu at the top of the home screen and do the following:

  • Change your Remote PIN
  • Register and maintain your SMS Update settings
  • View your notice history
  • View or email tax interest certificates
  • View your Remote Banking agreement
  • Save and verify your email address for added security


  • Apply for funeral cover

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