Nsfas NBA

By | July 29, 2019

The NBA also has new terms and conditions which students need to adhere to.

Students who sign an NBA:

  • Can’t relinquish, assign, transfer or delegate any of their rights or obligations under the agreement.
  • Must focus on their studies and adjust themselves to university life in a responsible and disciplined manner.
  • Must comply with academic requirements, such as attending and participating in lectures, tutorials and academic support programmes.
  • Must complete all set assignments and tasks and undergo all tests and examinations (written and oral).
  • Must pass at least 50 percent of all courses in the first year and pass sufficient courses in subsequent years.
  • Students who immigrate have to pay the bursary back in full before they leave the country.
  • From the second year of study beneficiaries must participate in a minimum of 10 days or 80 hours of community service or special project work per year.

If students do not honour these obligations the NSFAS can terminate the NBA.

Click here for instructions to sign nsfas NBA

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