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Nedbank internet banking

Getting started with Internet Banking

Signing Up

Before you can use internet banking, you will need a Profile number, a PIN and, a password. You may already use a Nedbank Self Service Banking facility such as Telephone Banking, Cellphone Banking or the self-service terminals. In that case you can log on immediately using your profile number and PIN.

Profile number

If you are already a Nedbank client, the next step is to apply for a profile and get your temporary PIN from your branch or call the Nedbank contact centre on 0860 115 060 for assistance. If you are not yet a Nedbank client, you will first need to apply for a Nedbank cheque  or savings account. Complete the application form online or at your nearest branch.

Remember to take your ID when you visit the branch. Also, ask the branch to activate the SMS authorisation facility on your profile.


Once your profile has been created, the branch will issue you a temporary PIN. You will be required to change it to a permanent PIN within six days. You can use any Self Service Banking facility to create your permanent PIN.


Once you have created your permanent PIN, NetBank will prompt you to create a password. Your password consists of between 6 and 10 characters. You are required to have at least one letter and one number in your password.

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