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Nedbank internet banking login here

A note about security

Nedbank takes security seriously. We ensure that you are the only person enabled to access your funds. Take the same precautions as you would with cash and cheques.
Your PIN and password are as important as your signature, so never divulge your PIN, password or SMS authorisation reference number to anyone.

If you receive an SMS reference number and you are not currently transacting, contact our helpdesk on 0860 115 060 immediately.

The Bank will never send you an email or contact you telephonically to request your personal banking information.

Log off from the banking facility whenever you leave it or have finished banking.


Read the terms and conditions carefully before you complete the application form.

Your computer

Most new PCs sold today will allow you to access the internet and bank online. The minimum specification you should consider is: Pentium-type or compatible running at 200Mhz or more.
Memory 64MB of RAM.  Resolution 1024×768 with at least 256k colour.

Operating system

NetBank works efficiently on most operating systems popular in South Africa. We recommend the Windows™ operating system, Windows XP™, but you can also use Windows 2000™, Windows NT4™, Windows ME,  Windows 98™, Windows Vista™, Apple Macintosh OS X™


The browser plays a key role in online banking, so make sure it’s kept up to date. You can do so from the Microsoft website. We believe that you should not attempt to bank online without one of the following browser versions:
Microsoft Internet Explorer (6 or 7); Mozilla Firefox (2x or 3x); Opera (8x or 9x), Safari (3x) and Netscape (7x and above).
MAC users can use Opera, Safari or Mozilla Firefox browsers.
Note: The internet banking website has been designed for the recommended browser versions and Nedbank cannot guarantee that it will work on other versions.

Determining your browser

At the top right of your browser interface there’s an icon indicating the browser you’re using.
Determining your browser’s version
For all browsers:
On the menu bar select ’Help’, then from the help menu select ’About (browser name)’.

Logging On
To log on to NetBank you need:
a profile number
a PIN; and
a password


What can you do on Nedbank Online Banking?

  • Enjoy full-service online banking.
  • Create, maintain and pay beneficiaries at your convenience.
  • Set up automatic payment notifications.
  • Make once-off instant payments.
  • Download stamped bank statements in various formats.
  • Buy prepaid airtime or data bundles and stay in touch.
  • Buy prepaid electricity.
  • Buy lifestyle vouchers, including Uber, Spotify, Google Play, Xbox and Hollywoodbets.
  • Buy Lotto/PowerBall tickets.
  • Keep track of your transactions with eNotes.
  • Apply for a loan.
  • Easily pay government agencies including SARS and Home Affairs.
  • Live chat with a banker about any questions.
  • And so much more …

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