Free internet browsing in south africa

I was suppose to make this post for the free internet trick i promised some days ago but some stumbling block came in the way. Normally what i do is create a configuration and give out to those who are on the network to test for me and see if it can connect for free without data, but after i made the last post stating that i would drop a free internet trick for South African networks, some of those testing the configuration wouldn’t be straight and so i had to stick to a few of them and this is what i came up with.

Today’s free internet trick configurations are for two networks which is Telkom and MTN. the Telkom is unlimited while the MTN  browses for free but has a limit (couldn’t make this unlimited because those testing it were just a few). This free internet trick as you all know that’s its called doesn’t require any subscription or data bundle/Pack. All that you need is to download the app and configuration and browse unlimited for free. This trick works on Android, iPhone and PC but the configurations below are just for Android but i can create the configurations for iPhone and Pc if you guys make demand for it. Please i would want you guys to drop your comments below in the comment box when you download the app and configurations.

1. An Android device
2. An MTN or Telkom Simcard with zero data or zero call credit
3. XP VPN but if there’s none then click here link to download one
4.You would need to download one configuration below for either MTN or Telkom but you can also download multiple configurations to help shorten your connection time on the XP VPN.
5. Patience for the connection to go through

How to get the free internet on MTN and unlimited on Telkom:
1. Install and open the XP VPN app
2. Next download the XP VPN configurations for either MTN or Telkom(Choose any link to download and if it doesn’t then simply go to the next link to get your file):
MTN Configurations: MTN Config link1 or  MTN SA link2
 Telkom Configurations: Tekom Config link1 or Telkom SA link2
3. Now swipe from left to right or simply tap on the top left icon on the screen which would bring out a list of options
4. Scroll down and select import. Now locate the configuration file that you downloaded and then import depending on the network.
5. Next select best performance as your server and then connect and enjoy free unlimited internet on Telkom or a free but limited internet service on MTN.