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By | May 13, 2019

Wining a car in a south african competition sound like a fairy tale to a lot of south africans but those who have actually won a car in a competition knows that it’s very real. We will discuss the best competitions in south africa to win a car .

Which industries can you win a car?

The top industries to win a car from is normally banks and car insurance companies

Win a car from bank – Most banks offer promotions for it customers and the top winners usually win a car, make sure you always check your bank’s website to know if there are promotions running.

Another way is to call your banks customer service and ask politely if there are any promotions available, banks offer car promotions because , well, they can afford it. You normally have to keep a certain amount of balance in your account or top up your account regularly to stand a chance of winning a car

Win a car from car insurance company – another great avenue to win a car from south africa is from the car insurance companies, they basically take care of the well being of your car so its reasonable they run competitions to surprise their customers with a new car

Companies running car competitions in south africa 2019

SHELL competitions and offers : The fuel station giant operates thousands of branches in south africa, in 2018 shell car competition saw 5 people winning five brand new BMW X5 in five weeks. For more of shell competitions go to shell official page for offers and competitions, click here

Topt – Top T is a fast growing national retailer with the focus on quality home finishing products at the lowest possible prices. click here to win a car from Topt

Icebolethu Win A Car Competition – This year we are celebrating 10 years of serving customers with excellence and care. click here for more

DirectAxis Car competition – Find out more on how to win car from this top south african financial competition, click here

Total car competition – the biggest fuel station operator also run car competiton to its lowal clienets , click here to find out more

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