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Apply for sassa and Check your sassa status

How To Apply For SASSA Social Relief Grant through Whatsapp


SASSA has encouraged all individuals wishing to apply for the R350 social relief grants to apply online via USSD, Whatsapp or Email. This is to avoid long ques and for an ease of application.

Applying via whatsapp is as easy as one, two, three.

All you need to do is save this number on your phone, 0600 123 456, send a message saying “Hi” and follow the prompts.

The application process should not take more than a few minutes and once you have applied you can track your application status to keep updated.

How To Apply For SASSA Social Relief Grant Through sms/ussd

SASSA is accepting electronic applications for the special Covid-19 social relief grants valued at R350. Let us take you through the application process step-by-step using USSD on your mobile phone.

Step One

Dial #134*7737#

Step Two

Answer the questions that folow by indicating your answer by typing the relevent number in the provided text box after each question. If you are applying for yourself then type “1” and if you are applying for someone else then type “2” and so on. Lastly then will ask if you agree that SASSA can verify the information you provided with other external databases then type “1” if you afree and type “2” if you disagree.

Step Three

Confirm your citizenship. If you are a South African citizen type “1”, if you are a permanent resident type “2”, if you are a refugee type “3”.

Step Four

Type in your ID number, your surname as it appears on your identity document or permit. Type in your names as they appear on your identity document or permit. There will be other questions such as if you have a disability, what province are you applying in, where do you currently reside and so on.

Once you have answered all the respective questions correctly, you are done with the application process and SASSA will contact you when your application is approved. You won’t need to apply numerous times. One application is enough.

Finally check your status here